Israel is a Fascist State

Scriptonite Daily


It was announced this week that Israel is to launch a ‘Palestinian Only’ bus service.  This is just the latest in a broad sweep of racial policies which have reduced Arabs, Palestinians and Africans living in Israel to sub-citizens.  Today’s article outlines these policies demonstrating that Israel is unquestionably a fascist state.

 The Segregated Bus Service


On December 1st 1955, African American Rosa Parks sparked the Bus Boycott in Montgomery, Alabama by refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white man, as mandated by the rules of racial segregation at the time.  The Jim Crow Laws carved up the public spaces into white and non white areas; non whites could not drink from the same water fountains, use the same bathrooms, or enter public libraries, schools, swimming pools or universities. Not only did this make non whites second class citizens on a daily…

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